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Aug. 30th, 2013


Saying that I love autumn would be an understatement. I literally can't wait.

Teen Wolf

I've discovered Teen Wolf. My social life doesn't like it, but I like literally everything in this series. I mean, even the villains are cool (except for Gerard, Gerard freaks me out something fierce). The cast is flawless. And this is FANFIC MATERIAL. I ship Stiles/Derek, because I'm in love with this pairing, but I basically ship everyone/everyone, and that's something that never happened to me before, even if I ship several couples in Merlin. I read this cool Lydia/Erica fic:

I Can Be The Answer by listedheart : Lydia/Erica NC-17 , 4,5 K

Basically, it's porn, with just enough plot to catch my attention. It's well written and hot, and I loved the antagonistic relationship between Lydia and Erica. I really should read more Lydia-centric fics.

And I'm looking for Chris/Peter stuff but nothing good came out of my digging on AO3, except...well, porn. And I'd love to read some Lydia/Danny/Jackson love triangle, maybe? But it's so hard to find good non Sterek fics on AO3. Except for Stiles/Danny, I found some really awesome stories with these two. including:

A Brief Introduction to Live Action Roleplaying by wldnst : Danny/Stiles, PG-13 , 28K

Okay, this one didn't come as a surprise because everything this author writes is bound to be awesome, but aw man, Danny's voice! I love Danny in the series. And Stiles was my favourite from the very first episode. I started it on a school night and couldn't stop reading.

So, yeah. Teen Wolf = AWESOME.
This morning I was bored. So I decided to draw.


And then I remembered.

Heeeeee, I CAN'T DRAW.
Here is my pathetic attempt. They're supposed to be Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Yeah, I know.
Yesterday, in Paris, more than 10.000 people were protesting in the streets against the new law project for same-sex marriage and homosexual parenting. In my city, they were "only" 3000.
Several counter-demonstrators have been bullied and some have been seriously injured.

At times like these, I'm really ashamed of my country.
Picture credits: Un crayon dans le coeur

For holidays, I stayed at my parents’ for a while, saw friends. For Halloween, we went to a nightclub. I had this zombie make-up (you know,white face covered in blood, black all around the eyes.) and yet three gorgeous girls flirted (erm, yeah I believe this is the politically correct word) with me. I wonder if this zombie thing is actually a lesbian kink.  I might give it another try, it obviously suits me. *nods


Oct. 21st, 2012


'm not sure whether I find this art funny or frightening. Honestly, if I happened to see it for real, I think it would scare me to death. Just saying. 


More...Collapse )


Ben Bridwell*
Ben Bridwell is the only man that makes the beard look that cool.

15 cigarettes, 4 coffees, a hangover and Band of Horses. All saturdays should be like that. 

Something about me, mh? I'm french.
I'm a horrible rude and hairy french girl.

Nah, just kidding.
I mean, I'm really french, but i'm not that hairy.
I'm kind of rude, though.

So, I'm a girl. I'm nineteen. French is my mother tongue.
I like to think I speak English pretty well, if you forget the damned French accent. I tried to get rid of it, I really did, but somehow it just got worse.
I understand German but I'm crap at speaking it (honestly, how do you people do it? I feel like I'm spitting whenever I try).
I'm learning Italian too, and it's wonderful.
I swear a lot. I sleep about four hours a night and I'm okay with that, sleeping is so overrated. I drink a lot, and I tend to make a fool of myself when drunk, but I'm okay with that too. I smoke like a chimney (is that how you say it? In french we say "I smoke like a fireman" and seriously, it doesn't make any sense). I'm totally addicted to coffee.
I'm utterly gay, but it's fine.
I don't eat frogs, I don't eat snails. I've lived in Paris, and really, it's a shitty city. It smells like piss and people are totally insane. Honestly, don't go. It's hell.
I read fanfiction. Sometimes I even write fanfiction. In French. Nobody's perfect.
I like to create useless accounts. I don't even know what to do with this one, but it's cool. At least I'll be able to post comments on your journal and annoy you to death. 

(Oh, and I like to post useless crap, too. This is a picture from "Bound" . And I think I'm like totally in love with these girls. Yeah, both of them.)

PS: If you happen to read this (which would mean you're either very bored or very drunk, and I feel so sorry for you), it's possible that you find spelling or grammar mistakes. If you find one -or ten-, tell it to me!